Semalt Expert Defines Risks On Social Media And Possible Solutions

In recent times, there are concerns over the rise in scams targeting social media. These social platforms include but are not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Apparently, social media is one of the best platforms for marketing brands. Thus, brand managers cannot risk pulling away from accessing a vast majority of their stakeholders.

Jason Adler, the leading expert from Semalt, takes a look at various ways to not only identify the risks but also rectify them.

The Risks

Firstly, the most common risk is human error. It may result from tweeting or phishing. Some US employee working in an Airways company accidentally posts an image that is X-rated. Another risk is a person not being keen on social media. It is almost similar to human errors and has a potential of not only infect an account with a malicious virus but spreading it to followers as well. In addition to that, there are malicious apps that come in various ways and forms, for instance, malware or adware. The most significant attacks are that of Locky app which made it possible to alter image file and demand payment for restoration. The fourth one is phishing which acts like malicious apps and is being used to extract user's information and spreading them to other users. Lastly, is the privacy setting, it is crucial for corporations to protect their social media account to avoid hackers quickly accessing their account.

Possible Solutions

First and foremost, businesses ought to have a policy touching on this issue. The best policy must be one that encourages employees to be at the forefront in ensuring the security of the corporation's social media is intact. In summary, the best policy ought to include a way of coming up with a strong password. Also, it must comprise a mechanism to avoid phishing, human error, and malware among other software that is malicious. Secondly, it is important to train employees on the policy put in place. Enabling employees to understand what to do and what not to. A good example is Wiley organization that does the same.

Moreover, it is important to put the limit on when employees must be on social media. The point here is to ensure only the right people manage the platform. Also, by applying tools like HootSuite, one can successfully reduce human errors. Lastly, it helps in limiting workers to specific responsibilities. In addition to that, there ought to be specific personnel in charge. It is helpful in not only mitigating risks but also avoiding everyone to act as a leader. Also, secure technology, thus preventing hacking. One way to achieve protecting passwords by use of password tools like LastPass.

Another way is to monitor the channels, HootSuite is helpful in converging information from all channels into one source. Additionally, Bandwatch as an app can also be useful for multiple sources. Lastly, businesses ought to carry out a regular audit to make sure that the account is clean. Three important things to check on include but are not limited to security threats, accessibility and account settings.

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